Crystals & Metals

Crystals & metals have been used for thousands of years as tools to enhance the quality of life. It is well known and documented that the earth's elements carry vibrations that are beneficial to our experience on this planet.

There is an infinite array of options when one goes on a element journey. 

Each crystal or metal has unique properties and combined with YOUR unique property, this can, literally, become magic.

We invite you to use our simple guide below together with your intuition on your journey in selecting the elements for your sacred tantric necklace. 

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Yogi Bhajan


Healing Crystals

Yogi Bhajan talked of the four healing stones: Lapis, Coral, Turquoise and Carnelian.

"There is a difference between these four stone. These four stones on your body will die organically to let you live. It's true." - Yogi Bhajan


Crystal Properties

Source: the crystal bible by judy hall