to walk lightly on the earth, to walk firmly in your spirit

We are one

Our mission is to create a more beautiful planet. A planet of higher consciousness. A place where we can fully enjoy this human experience.

energize yourself

the Tantric Necklace


"Actually mostly you wear jewelry to decorate yourself, 

but there is a way to wear jewelry to energize yourself. 

Jewelry is not for decoration, it looks good. But once you... ah... 

understand the stones and their energy, it's very beautiful." 

- Yogi Bhajan

the tanzanite tantric necklace


This featured necklace is handcrafted with mantra from high grade Tanzanite, Pearls, Crystal Quartz & Rose Gold. Tanzanite stimulates our intuition and awakens our psychic powers. It gives us a very strong projection onto the planet.

Meditate with it, wear it, and form a sacred connection to your tantric necklace.

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