to walk lightly on the earth, to walk firmly in your spirit

We are one

Our mission is to create a more beautiful planet. A planet of higher consciousness. A place where we can fully enjoy this human experience.

energize yourself

the Tantric Necklace

"Actually mostly you wear jewelry to decorate yourself, 

but there is a way to wear jewelry to energize yourself. 

Jewelry is not for decoration, it looks good. But once you... ah... 

understand the stones and their energy, it's very beautiful." 

- Yogi Bhajan

the gold tantric necklace

This featured necklace is handcrafted with mantra from 14k gold beads. It invokes the flow of abundance and prosperity. If the 4mm option is chosen, the is crafted from smaller beads and is more delicate and very feminine. It is very elegant. Gold has long been used for healing and accessing spiritual realms within ourselves. 

Meditate with it, wear it, and form a sacred connection to your tantric necklace.

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